My name is Scott Stein. I’m not very interesting.

headshot_150I live in the Pennsylvania suburbs with a lovely wife and a brilliant son and a furry dog who’s in charge of all of us. I like playing basketball, tennis, and ping pong. I also enjoy nature, hiking, gardening, and taking pictures. Like many people, I listen to music and sometimes watch TV and movies. I also read books. I probably do other things that lots of people do. But not the bad things.

My novels are The Great American Deception,¬†Mean Martin Manning, and Lost. I’ve published short satirical fiction in The Oxford University Press Humor Reader, National Review, Art Times, Liberty, The G.W. Review, and Shale. My essays and reviews have appeared in Reason, the Philadelphia Inquirer, and Liberty. I’m the founding editor of the group blog/zine¬†When Falls the Coliseum: a journal of American culture (or lack thereof). My MFA is from the University of Miami (so is my BA) and my MA is from New York University. I grew up in Bayside, Queens. I teach at Drexel University in Philadelphia and have also taught at the University of Pennsylvania.

This is Buster. You can see why he’s in charge.